New to Programming : A Complete Guide #1

New to Programming : A Complete Guide #1

Don't understand how to start. This series will help you begin.

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Table of contents

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  • Conclusion
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As just beginning with coding, we admire at codes and end up understanding nothing. we get demotivated and decide coding is not our piece of cake. Am I right ?

I have also gone through this syndrome. In the beginning coming from a background where you have never used computers, we think we can't.

Yet, not able to get what I am trying to convey ? Let me explain it to you via a quote.

The more time you spend with Programming, the deeper your understanding of programming will be.

Now, let's see what this quote conveys.

It says that it will take time for you to adapt the programming environment and the more you practice it, more you will start to understand it and will see yourself upskilling.

What is Programming ?

In simple words Programming is the language medium for us to communicate with the computer. Just like we use English as language medium to communicate with foreigners and Hindi with maximum Indians and different language mediums for communication with people from other states.

So, let's see what are the requirements for beginning with programming.


  1. Basic Laptop WhatsApp Image 2022-04-24 at 4.42.45 PM.jpeg

    • People think they require high end laptops but that's just a myth, people have done incredible things with just their basic laptops.
    • When you advance in your programming career you may require a nice laptop, not so high end
    • It depends on which field you choose in your further Career

2. Programming Language

Programming language.jpg

  • A medium to communicate with your computer is the first choice you should make.

  • Now, don't get confused and start researching. In my opinion begin with C language.

  • I personally began my programming as a beginner with C language

  • If you learn a programming language completely, then you can learn any language very easily.

  • Concepts will remain same, only the syntax(Structure) will change, it will be relatable for sure.

3. Practice


  • Consistently Practice with persistence

  • You will require lot's and lot's of practice, practice and practice.

  • Never underestimate the power of Practice.

4. Don't Compare



  • Let's conclude with a Quote.

    Never compare your day 1 with someone's day 100.

Before I Finish ..

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